About Kul-Z

Kul-Z is a sole proprietary based in Selbu in Norway, founded in 1995 under the name “Kul Z Reklame” by the graphic designer and digital artist Bernt Kulseth. Kul-Z is active in the fields of 3D art, Graphic design, Photography, Film, Aerial photography, Aerial filming and Web design.


In the first couple of years the digital art was mainly based on photography and vector designs. But soon after 3D modelling was added to the mix.

Kul-Z developed its core business based on professional photography, graphic- and web design and illustrations for clients in the business sector and in the consumer market.

In 2012 the photography-segment of the company expanded with aerial photography rc drone and photography by acquiring a drone. This expansion soon proved to be useful by providing new services for customers.

Other services include video production with multi-camera setup and video editing.

Kul-Z also authors short stories in Norwegian.

Kul-Z is today closely linked to the firm “Selbutrykk”, that delivers total solutions in design, print and digital media .


3d modelling:

Vue extreme: Atmosphere and landscape modeling, with integration of 3D objects.

Z-Brush: 3D sculpting of organic models (utilized as objects inside a 3D image).

Google sketchup: General building of non-organic 3D objects (to be exported to Vue Extreme).

Poser 3D: Production of 3D figures. (I.e. people, animals and other figures).

Adobe Photoshop: Preparing images, photoengraving and post production of images rendered in 3D applications.
Adobe Illustrator: Creating basic sketches (to be utilized as a basis for further 3D treatment in Z -brush).

Bernt Kulseth